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Who we are

Foxtail Real Estate Company is a full-service real estate team rooted in Lawrence, KS. We work with commercial, residential and industrial property owners in the greater Kansas City area, providing dedicated stewardship for every aspect of your investment.

How we work

Our approach is simple and effective: We compliment our broad experience with careful attention to detail, providing reliable and creative problem-solving to help your local real estate investment succeed. At the core of our business remains our commitment to our clients and the properties we oversee.

Get in touch

Foxtail Real Estate Company believes in a perfect blend of modern technology and old-fashioned face time. Trust starts at our introduction and we aim to build on that foundation from the first meeting. Contact us here to set up an in-person meeting to talk about your property, project, or vision. 


What we do

Foxtail Real Estate Company provides comprehensive services for all types of properties. Owners, applicants, and tenants, click the appropriate link for access to our online portal or for more information about our services.


Our Culture

Whether its working with investors, owners, tenants, or coworkers, we pride ourselves on a commitment to fostering strong relationships. We use an innovative web-based platform and efficient communication channels wherever they make sense—but we know there’s no substitute for a knowledgeable and dedicated manager for each property. Our business model incentivizes our team to set and meet goals, track every issue through resolution, and realize the full potential of every property.

Foxtail was founded by Patrick Watkins and Tom Larkin, two Kansas natives who saw in each other a set of complimentary skills that would help local real estate owners and investors thrive.



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