Patrick Watkins is a licensed attorney with experience in real estate transactions, property development, and valuation based litigation. In addition to his role at Foxtail, Patrick manages a general practice representing clients of all types in a wide range of legal matters, including local and regional public infrastructure projects, property development and entitlements, landlord/tenant disputes and small business transactions.

Tom Larkin brings vast knowledge of real estate development and construction to Foxtail. Tom has worked with a variety of lenders, investors and syndicators on over $21M worth of development totaling more than 500,000SF of commercial and residential property. Tom has experience with Affordable Housing Tax Credits, State and Federal Historic Tax Credits, Grant Applications and Awards, Construction Management and stabilization of rehabilitated residential and commercial properties.

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Ashleigh Lollar manages our mixed-use properties in Kansas City’s Historic River Market along with our Prairie Village single-family homes. Ashleigh has a bachelor’s degree in Business Management and previously was an area manager and regional trainer for a national optical company.  In her spare time, you’ll find Ashleigh at Orange Theory working on her “splat points.”

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Kelly McCumber manages our commercial and residential property in Kansas City, primarily in the downtown area. In addition to managing properties since 2014, Kelly has a diverse background including insurance, advertising sales, and marketing management. If Kelly won the lottery, she’d open up a dog sanctuary and finally get her passport and travel abroad.

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RaLonda Ruttman assists in managing and leads the residential leasing in Kansas City, primarily in the River Market area. Having a background in Communications Studies, she enjoys building relationships with the tenants. In addition to property management, RaLonda also teaches dance at some of the most prestigious studios in the metro area.

Erasmo “Raz” Ybarra has been in the building maintenance industry for over twenty years. He can diagnose and fix just about anything and does it with a smile on his face. He’s a licensed electrician, but his skills run the gamut of maintenance engineering and construction. If he won the lottery, he’d move somewhere warm by a lake and continue his search for dinosaur fossils.


Lee Estep has been in the building maintenance industry for over twelve years. Prior to building maintenance, Lee worked in the auto industry and is actually an ASE certified and Lexus certified mechanic. Lee is a “jack of all trades” and believes that his strongest skill is his perseverance; he pushes on until the problem is solved. If Lee won the lottery, he’d buy a condo building on the beach where his entire family could live for free.

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Cameron Blair manages the Lawrence inventory and assists on the accounting front for all properties.  He comes from New York via Minnesota, so he's also an expert in living in cold places.